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Knowledge, Control & Protection

The world is facing water supply security challenges. Utilities are at the front line of responding with solutions that will deliver water savings. Solutions need to ensure that water demand is managed responsibly. Utilities and consumers need systems that provide compelling advantages that are convenient and cost effective to use.


The Digital Water management system provides the solution with a system that ensures water is used responsibly, and that water savings are achieved. Providing all the necessary knowledge and control of water use within properties, the system enables water waste to be prevented and conservation goals to be met.

Water Scarcity

With water scarcity an urgent concern, the solution needs to deliver on promises of water conservation, water savings and sustainable use of supplies.

Demand Management

Saving water requires real time knowledge of water use and the means to control demand according to need.

Digital Water

Digital Water safeguards supplies by ensuring responsible water use, reducing waste and matching demand to sustainable supplies.

Digital Waterâ„¢The Digital Water smart management system provides utilities with an exceptional ability to understand and control water use. Utilities are able to save water and conserve supplies with real-time understanding of consumer water use, and confidence that all water is used according to need. Waste is prevented by ensuring demand is responsibly managed. Preventing water waste also reduces energy consumption used in water delivery and treatment.The Digital Water system provides:Knowledge – how much water is being used
Control – water delivery according to need and costs
Protection – leaks, drips, excess use and theft prevented


In addition to real time demand information, our system provides the ability to detect and address leaks, manage pressure, remotely connect/disconnect accounts and identify non-revenue water losses.



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