Digital Water

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What applications are Digital Water ideal for?

A: Residential and light commercial. Pipe sizes that connect to the valve are 3/4″ or 22mm.




Q: Will Digital Water work with older plumbing such as copper or galvanized steel?

A: Yes.




Q: Do I need more than one valve? Can one valve be used for inside and outside water? What are the advantages of having one valve for inside water and one valve for outside water?

A: The basic package utilizes one valve for the whole property. Yes, you can install multiple valves to control different parts of the property (ie: outside taps) which will give more specific control for water management and more specific data relating to those various zones.




Q: Can I install Digital Water myself or do I require a professional?

A: No. While it is quick and easy to install, a certified plumber / technician will be required for installation.




Q: Can Digital Water be installed outside, exposed to the elements?
If inside, does the space need to be climate controlled?

A: No, DigitalWater works at standard ambient temperature and has to be installed inside the property.




Q: Does the Digital Water system require an internet connection or WiFi?

A: A WiFi or internet connection is not required for the basic package. Our advanced package gives you remote control of the valve on your smart devices using WiFi or 3G.