Digital Water

Smart Homes start with Smart Water

Digital Water is a patented smart water management solution using the latest ultrasonic metering technology.


An accessible touch screen console is combined with state-of-the-art computer controlled smart valves to give precise real-time control over water flow and use, displaying usage data in real time. Remote monitoring and control of your domestic water system is possible even from your mobile phone.


Digital Water empowers and protects property owners from excessive water use, water damage and unnecessary expenditure.

Easily Accessible Real-Time Data

Through consumption knowledge consumers are able to control water use by adapting lifestyle behaviour.

  • Real-time water usage data increases consumer awareness
  • Historical consumption data gives water usage insights to enable change in habits
  • Reporting capabilities of daily, weekly, monthly & yearly figures
  • Data is readily available on the touchscreen and/or mobile app

Water Flow Management

We need to be smarter about our everyday consumption of water. At the heart of Digital Water is the ability to manage water flow. Other functions such as flow timeouts, flow limits and fill by volume controls reduce waste and ensure fair use of water.

  • Real-time control of water flow
  • Timer, duration, fill by volume & scheduling settings
  • Remote monitoring & control via mobile app
  • Auto-shutdown by user command (e.g. shut off water while on vacation)
  • Saves energy, particularly with regards to hot water usage
  • Conserve water in an intelligent manner

Water Leak Detection & Flood Prevention

Leak detection with remarkable precision: Leaks on premises, whether they are sudden and large, or small and otherwise undetectable can be identified and addressed.

  • Automatically shuts off leaks & allows temporary reactivation of water for normal use
  • Displays leak alerts & how much water was saved during the shut-off period
  • Protects against floods, unintended or negligent water use & burst pipes
  • Greatly reduces property damage & damage to personal assets

For sustainable properties that conserve water DigitalWater is the answer.