Digital Water


Utilities provide safe, reliable supply and treatment of water as a foundation for life. With concerns of supply security and increasing urbanisation, there is increasing need to match demand to available supplies for the short and long term.


Saving water and ensuring conservation at the point of supply is a vital solution in utility operations.


The Digital Water management system for the home excels in meeting these challenges. Instead of a consumer relationship built around a monthly bill, Digital Water enables utilities to manage water use appropriate to consumer lifeline and lifestyle needs.

The Digital Water system enables utilities to monitor water demand in real time, analyse historical information, detect leaks, and set policies that encourage consumers to manage their demand in line with supply availability. In times of restricted supplies or drought the utility can adjust policies to encourage reduced demand, and incentivise consumers to change water use behaviour.

Utility Benefits

Depth of information about water demand: Real time consumption information, including flow rates and point of supply pressure readings. It becomes possible to manage for optimal performance. Pressure adjustments can be made without affecting service quality, resulting in consequential demand reduction and leakage loss, as well as reduced energy use for treatment and pumping.


Value add services: With real-time information, billing by time, purpose or quota and home leak protection are made possible. These increase value to utilities and consumers with new service offerings, or by allocating costs more fairly.



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